Your Favorite Paper: Dr. Anne Koch

Allen Ali Nasseh   uploaded 4 years ago

Starting a new segment called “Your Favorite Paper” which is different KOLs’ favorite piece of endodontic literature.

For the first one I’m interviewing Dr. Anne Lauren Koch, founder and former director of the new Harvard Post Doctoral Endodontic program. Her favorite article: Endodontic Success: Who’s Reading the Radiograph by Mel Goldman 1972.


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      Reminds me of the controversy in bite mark identification by certified forensic odontologists.
      Pearson was head of Endo and Darzenta was head of Radiology. I got out of Tufts in ‘66.

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      Allen Ali NassehAllen Ali Nasseh

      @Drcwikla: That’s true. There’s too much subjectivity in healthcare. IMHO, most of the problem associated with holistic care is because of patient disenchantments with Western Medicine, that has overstep the bounds by acting like it knows more than it actually does. It’s the same problem with broader science as a whole. It would be great if we could induce a little philosophy into science so people do not let their ego and need for certainty dictate patient care or policy! Cheers!

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