Updated Retrofilling Technique using BC Sealer & Putty

Allen Ali Nasseh   uploaded 10 years ago

Retrofilling has evolved through the years from BB Gun amalgam fillings at the end of roots to filling of a 3mm deep ultrasonically prepared retropreparation with a bonded bioceramic retrofill.

This updated technique uses BC Sealer or RRM to filll the retropreparation through injecting the material into it and then uses a small amount of the putty on the surface of the retroprep to seal the surface and protect the liquid material from getting washed out with blood.

The Putty’s purpose, in this technique, is not to fill the retropreparation. That job is done by the BC Sealer (or RRM). The putty protects the sealer for the time period it takes for the sealer to set and no longer wash out.

This very efficient technique promises to further expedite the retrofilling technique with the ultimate result of making this procedure more popular.


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