The RWE “Lid Technique” for retrofilling during apicoectomy

Allen Ali Nasseh   uploaded 9 years ago

Saving teeth is the primary goal of all endodontic therapy. However, when conventional, non-surgical root canal therapy does not work and the tooth has good coronal restoration and periodontal conditions, apicoectomy and retrofilling can be considered as a viable way to save teeth that would otherwise be extracted through a single procedure. In this video, Dr. Nasseh explains this procedure and how the modern “Lid Technique” developed by RWE is more efficient and effective than the historical apicoectomy procedure. 


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      AvatarAuste Liegute

      Big Thanks for great and informative video!
      Also I have a few questions, why do You cut so much, like 6 mm of root tip?
      I am amazed how accurately you found the root tips with a bur, do You always take a CBCT before apicoectomy?
      I would like to see Your video about the flaps in different regions on the mouth.

      Best wishes,

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