Allen Ali NassehAllen Ali Nasseh

@rparmar: Thank you for the kind words. You have two options for custom fitting, you can trim and fit until it’s tight, or you can use a C-dip technique. For this method, the cutting and fitting is easier as it won’t lave GP residue on the walls at the apex (which you would get with c-dip technique). Simply take a large size cone and continually cut unit you get tug-back at WL. Then cut back 3mm from that and reinsert to make sure it doesn’t go further than 3mm short of WL. Now you have made yourself a custom fitted plugger. Place a portion of the putty slightly larger than the amount of GP you cut off (last 3mm of the cone), place a very small amount of sealer (to seal any gaps) and insert the cone to push the Putty to the apex and ahead of your fitted plugger. Voila! 🙂

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