Direct Pulp Capping with BC Liner (Part 3 of 8)

Allen Ali Nasseh   uploaded 3 years ago

Walking on a frozen lake, Dr. Nasseh goes over the technique for direct pulp capping using the BC Liner combined with BC Putty or RRM.


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      AvatarDr. Sanket Pandey

      Sir, the evidence regarding light cured caoh is mixed in nature. Some studies even suggest that their is no release of Ca ion once the light cure Caoh is set. I do agree that bioceramics is the present and future, but here in India cost factor still plays a major role particularly for a restorative point of view. Dycal is a time tested product but difficult to manipulate and obviously has “sudden set” properties. Any insight sir?

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      Allen Ali NassehAllen Ali Nasseh

      @Dr. Sanket Pandey: Yes, cured Calcium Hydroxide materials are not helpful. Keep in mind the BC liner is not a Ca(OH)2 material. It’s a bioactive resin. This is why you need the pure bioceramic to interact with the cells before placing the BC Liner on top of it. Dycal is a good material except that it’s not as biocompatible and it does wash out over time. When you go back in time you see the Dycal is gone. But if that’s all you have to work with it’s better than the alternatives. Cheers!

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      AvatarPeter O’Shea

      That soggy moment was great because that is how most restorative denitsts feel when they find the caries extending into the pulp. You’ve surpassed your typical genius flare. I loved the video.

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