BioCeramic Retrofilling EndoSequence BC RRM

Anne Koch, DMD   uploaded 10 years ago

Apicoectomy procedures are integral to the overall repertoire of strategies we use to address endodontic infection in non-surgically treated root canals. A small percentage of non-surgical endodontic treatments require surgical therapy, whether to remove a cyst, a refractory endodontic infection, or addressing biofilm or accessory/additional canals.

The retrofilling materials on the market have had various limitation. With the advent of first generation bioceramic filling materials such as MTA (powder liquid mix), an improvement was made to the field of endodontic surgery and root repair. However, despite its superior qualitative properties, the clinical handling of MTA remains a challenge. A recent bioceramic formulation developed by BrasselerUSA is a premixed syringe (EndoSequence Root Repair Material) with an accompanying putty material that is used for retrofilling ultrasonically prepared retropreparations. This material provides the advantages of bioceramics without the clinical handling limitations of MTA. This tutorial demonstrates the use of this root repair material in conjunction with the putty material.


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      Where to watch the full post? Same video on Youtube is also incomplete.


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