BC Liner, Conclusions and Clinical Tips (Part 8 of 8)

Allen Ali Nasseh   uploaded 4 years ago

In this final segment, Dr. Nasseh shares some thoughts and ideas for best use of BC Liner.


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      I was wondering you never mentioned anything about the usage of primer while you using etch and bonding. Does that mean it can go into dentinal tubes due to yo fluidity? Please clarify.

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      Allen Ali NassehAllen Ali Nasseh

      @Feymansouri: You’re right. I wasn’t clear about that. In general, Etch/Prime/Bond with the Liner is one step. It’s included in the material. However, like all self etching materials, this combination is an average of the ideal properties of each of those steps. Therefore, while it does provide some etching and bonding on its own, in situations where enamel etching or bond strength is paramount (longer term applications) the use of conventional etching and bonding prior to placement is recommended for the highest material to dentin-enamel bond. Hope his clarifies. 🙂

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