3 ways to improve ESR cutting Efficiency with EndoSyncPlus

Allen Ali Nasseh   uploaded 4 years ago

EndoSyncPlus allows open platform changes to Torque, Angles of cutting, and non-cutting direction in OTR motion along with RPM and other customization functions. These changes can make instruments more or less efficient based on a decision to improve safety vs. efficiency. For more safety, manufacturer settings are recommended, for improved efficiency, you can supercharge your EndoSyncPlus with specific changes to either 1. Decreasing the Non-Cutting Angle, 2. Increasing the Cutting Angle, or 3. Increasing the OTR Torque value.

This combination of one or more can synergistically increase efficiency. But keep in mind, any increase in efficiency comes at the cost of safety; therefore, make the right choice based on your level of expertise and the difficulty level of the tooth. Staying at Dr. Nasseh’s manufacturer settings will be fine for most beginner and intermediate users.


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